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Home Learning Activities


You can stay in contact with us by email: or 

Please feel free to email us to share any work that your child has completed. We will respond to you. 

PE Joe  Wickes at 9am on YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV at 9am everyday to start the day off with some exercise! 

          Have you tried dance classes with Oti? or Max Whitlock's workouts?  Go Noodle and BBC supermovers. 

DAILY PHONICS!!   Ruth Miskin who developed the phonics programme Read Write Inc. that we follow in school is offering daily phonic Speed Sound sessions on their Facebook and you tube channel.  

To access this follow the link or

Films are being streamed live for Set 3 sounds at 10.30am  (they should be available for 24 hours following) and Set 2 at 10am if you want to recap.

Most of us are working on Set 3 sounds so try and watch the Set 3 film if you can. Our daily phonic activity will be linked to the sound of the day!

 Phonics Play are also offering free access to phonic games   Username: march20   Password: home

DAILY READING:  Please continue to read daily. This can be  your reading book, a magazine, the newspaper, the back of dvd blurb, instructions of a food packet... Anything!  - Remember reading together is as important as individual reading. It is also good practice to read a book more than once to encourage fluency and comprehension. 

You can also access reading books on Oxford Owl.   On your computer or tablet, go to

Click on 'Oxford Owl for home' by using the user name mars100 and use the password sent home in reading diaries. If you do not have this please contact us.The children can then access a large selection of reading books and activities.  If you click on the information for parents link, you will find lots of useful tips to help your child at home.  

Friday 3rd April - It's the last day of term!!!


We would have been breaking up today so this is the last of the activities to be set for two weeks. Enjoy the break and we will see you back here in a couple of weeks. Keep safe and healthy and hopefully we will have sunshine to be able to enjoy in the garden!! 

Phonics: Ruth Miskin link - Today's sound is  'er' - 'better letter'.   That sounds like yesterday's sound!  Can you go on a  'er' 'ur' 'ir' sound hunt?

English:  Can you write an Easter or Spring poem? On purple mash there is a 2do template to help you or you could write your own in your book/on paper.

Maths:  Continuing with quarters. 

Can you cut your sandwich (or something similar) into four equal parts to create quarters? How many different ways can you do this? Does it have to be in squares or can it be done in a different way? Try it in triangles or in lines like soldiers.  

if you want to challenge yourself, try these questions Quarters 3.4.20.docx

On purple mash there is also a 2do to decorate the egg using repeating patterns. 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Phonics: Ruth Miskin - link above.  Today's sound is 'ur' - nurse with a purse? What other 'ur' sound do we know. practice writing them all - ir, er, ur . What words can you write using these sounds? 

Did you watch yesterday's sound 'are'- care and share. What other sound do we know like this? (air) If not have a watch to recap this tricky sound!


English/Science: We would have been looking at plants we eat this week. Can you work through the 3 tasks? Use the powerpoint to help you.

 Plants we eat Science-English.docx 

1 plants-we-eat.ppt

Maths:    Moving onto quarters today. Understanding that a quarter is 'four equal parts'. Work through the tasks. Who can try the problem solving challenges? 

Thursday Maths 2nd April 2020.docx

Thursday problem solving Challenge.docx

On purple Mash is an Easter Egg activity-dividing the egg into four equal parts and colour each part in. 

Nearly there. One day left until the 'Easter holidays!

Wednesday 1st April 2020....Happy April Fools Day!

English: Today is a brand new month. Write a list of things you would love to do this month. 

Grow something / learn to count to 100 and beyond / find out about a new planet / write the longest story ever / learn a new dance routine / cook a new recipe. We would love to see your lists. 

Maths: This is the last day of halving numbers. Can you take on these different challenges? Halving

Computing: Enjoy exploring this website:              I like the image for today. Do you?

Can you work out how to look at the different pictures? You might decide to draw your favourite picture or write a short story on Purple Mash based on the picture.  

Tuesday 31st March 2020

English:The Very Hungry Caterpillar (2)

Maths: I can find half of a set of objects: Halving objects

PE: Take part in PE with Joe Wicks or GoNoodle. Alternatively, continue improving your throwing and catching skills using a range of balls. 

Monday 30th March 2020

Phonics: take part in the speed sound session by Ruth Miskin. See the details above. Have you tried the Phonics Play website yet? Details above. 


Maths: This week, we are learning to find half and a quarter of shapes and amounts. 

Find today's challenge here...Halving Numbers

There is also a game on Purple Mash as a 2Do. 


English: This week, we are learning to spell the days of the week correctly in our sentences. 

Find today and tomorrow's challenge here...The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Topic: this is the last week of our Toys Through The Decades topic. I want you to look very carefully at all of your toys. Which ONE do you think will still be played with by children in twenty years (2040) when you are a grown up?

Firstly, play (a lot) with the toy you have chosen!

Secondly, write down the name of it, what it is made out of and what it does.

Finally, find somewhere safe in your home to keep your piece of paper. One day, you will be asked about the toys that YOU had when you were little!


Music: one for the parents :) Enjoy making music! Have you got a musical instrument you can enjoy playing outside? If not, what could you use to make an instrument? Try singing along to your favourite song whilst tapping a beat. 

Interesting challenge... go outside towards the end of the day and see if you can see your shadow. Can you stand on someone else's? Can you stand on your own? What causes a shadow? What colour is it? Try to leave your shadow behind! 



Previous work that was set W/B 23rd March and 16th March is below. 

YAY it's Friday!! 

Firstly Well done for making it to the end of the week!! Its usually Celebration assembly on a Friday so grown-ups give yourself a pat on the back, a marshamallow clap  and a tap for congrats for getting through the first week of learning with your child!!

Apologies for the delay today...seems like the gremlins have been on overnight and wiped the last 3 days of learning activities! I will work my way through as and when I can to add them back on. 

Maths:  continuing with subtraction  Friday subtraction 27.3.20.pdf

If you want an extra challenge try this: challenge.pdf


English:  Last week in class we looked a the story Papa please get me the moon by Eric Carle. Follow the link to listen to the story

  1. Can you draw and label a way to catch the moon?   
  2. Can you write out some instructions on how to catch the moon?
  3. Write your own catch the moon story? You only have to do one of these activities not all 3!!

Phonics: Watch today's sound on Ruth Miskin on link above, todays sound is 'o-e'. 


PE:  Be active in the garden. Enjoy the sunhine!  Can you do an obstacle course? 


Thursday 26th March  

English/ Science/computing: We have been learning about plants in Science- the parts of a plant and how a plant grows. We planted beans-some started to grow, some didn’t.

Can you explain to your grown-ups how a plant grows and label different parts of a plant?

I have set a 2do on purple mash for you to do this. Attached is also a link to write instructions to how to grow a magic bean

beanstalk instructions.pdf

 Phonics: Today's sound is 'i-e'. Show everyone your nice smile! 

Silly sentence: Fly the nice pie high up in the sky. 

Maths: Create a snack menu like the one attached that  Mrs Miller's nephew made snack menu.pdf

When you have a snack through out the day calculate how much it costs and take it away from the money you started with. For example you start with 50p, you have an apple which costs 10p so how much do I have left? 50-10=40. I have 40p left. 

You can use real money, pretend money, objects, a number line, 100 square it is up to you. You can teach your teddies maybe how to do this.

Wednesday 25th March

Maths:  Subtraction. Daily 10 from Top marks. Select level 1 subtract. What time can you answer the questions in?

Use objects from around the house to help you, or a number line. Teach your teddies how to subtract.

subtraction 25.3.20.pdf

English: Attached is a reading lesson. Read the instructions on how to make pancakes. Answer the questions at the end- you don’t need to print this off, you can write them in your book.

pancakes 25.3.20.pdf

Extension: Can you rewrite the instructions using the time connective words: First, Next, Then, After That, Finally? 

Phonics: Today’s sound is  the chatty friends ‘a-e’. Can you tell your grown-up why they are chatty friends. We also know that ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ make this sound. How confusing!!

DT: Can you follow the instructions to make pancakes for your family? Remember to have a grown-up to help you! What is your favourite topping?

Tuesday 25th March 


Here are some choices to help you learn to add today. You do not have to do them all. 

Do you have any chalk? Draw a hopscotch board outside and play! Each time you land on a number, keep adding it to the last. How high did you get?

Jump! How many times can you jump in 30 seconds? Hop? Touch your toes? Ask an adult to help you add your score together. 

Can you choose a Numberblocks episode from BBC iPlayer that will help you ADD NUMBERS?

Maths addition to 20


Yesterday, we read instructions. Today, we are going to say lots and lots of instructions out loud. Tell your pet, sibling, teddy or grown up how to brush their teeth / make a sandwich / pour a drink. Wave every time you say 'First', 'Next', 'After that' and 'Finally'. 

Can you write the instructions for this? If you want to send us your work, a grown up can take a photo and email it to us anytime. 

Now find a game with some instructions and spend lots of time playing it! Did you follow the rules?


On your computer or tablet, go to

Click on 'Oxford Owl for home' by using the user name mars100 and use the password sent home in your reading diary. Can you open Word and type the name of the book that you read and the author? Take on another challenge and write a sentence about what the book was about. 


Enjoy being outside in the beautiful sun. Can you think of your own warm up to do? Last week, we were trying to catch a small ball without dropping it. See how many times you can do this. This can be with another person or on your own because you can throw it up in the air and catch it. Give yourself a 'tap for congrats' if you manage to do it ten times!


 Monday 23rd March


Firstly, please remember that this is not a 'must do' list. Many parents are working and have multiple children to care for at home. We have written some suggestions for you to use / adapt to suit your child and your current home life. If you have any queries at all about this, please email us so we can support you during this difficult time. 


Maths: Can you add two numbers under 20?   

If you would prefer to do something active whilst adding, get 5 saucepans / buckets / hoops and find a soft toy. Every time you get the small soft toy in one of the saucepans / buckets / hoops, you score 3 points. How many points can you score? What if each saucepan was worth a different amount?


 Maths - addition


English - Can you read a set of instructions?

This week in English, we will learn to write instructions. Today you will read a set of instructions to know what they sound like. Click on this link to find your work. Instructions

If you want to take it one step further today, look for instructions around your house. They are often on the back of items we use to cook with or with board games and constructions sets. 


Phonics: Today's Set 3 sound was 'ea'. What other 'ea' sound do you know? Can you find any words around your house with the sound 'ea'? Can you write them down? Write a silly sentence using 'ea' and 'ee' sounds. My silly sentence is: The neat queen had a cream tea in the green tree !  


History - Can you write a question about the past?

Over the last few weeks, we have been travelling back in time a decade at a time. This week, we want to find out about the 1970s. If you have a question that you could ask somebody who was born in the 1970's, please write it down or for a swift response you can email it to Mrs Rhodes and she will make sure she asks your question to somebody in school who was born in that decade. 

Music - sing / dance / move / lie down and relax ...the choice is yours. Listen to some music today. Does it make you smile?


Friday 20th March 

English: Today we practised our word lists. Did you practice writing these at home. Can you put them into a sentence?

PE: We completed the cycle leg of the Sports Relief challenge. Can you ride you scooter or bike in an outside space?

Maths:  We continued looking at 2d and 3d shapes. We had a 3d shape hunt in the playground. We also created 2 d shapes that have straight edges from one striaght line. Can you create a 2d shape from different materials e.g: straws, a skipping rope, sticks. Name and label the shapes.


Thursday 19th March: 

English: Can you write a new version of the story 'Rooster's off to see the world' using your new ideas.  We had lots of great new story ideas today.

Maths:  Find some items around the house. Can you identify what shape they are? 2d or 3d? What is the difference between a 2d and 3d shape? We have been looking at what 2d shapes make up the faces on a 3d shape. Can you identify these? 

PHSE: We had a discussion and asked lots of questions about how we can be stay at home superheores to help tackle a big problem in the world! Mrs Miller read us a story that had been written  by a local play therapist to help us all understand about why we are staying at home. We then designed our own superhero outfits. This story has now been made into a short video. You can hear the story on this link


Wednesday 18th March 

English: We have been learning the story 'Rooster's off to see the world'. Can you retell the story using the actions to your grown-up?  We now want to change part of the story to write our own version. we looked at how to split the story into a beginning, middle and end.

Can you think of any new ideas? Maybe the character can change or the animals they meet along the way? Prepare a  plan/ new story map with your new ideas. Remember you need a beginning, middle including a problem, resolution and end. 

Maths:  We recapped our knowledge on measurement. Can you find items to measure and compare length and height? or weigh items from the kitchen cupboards. How do we know which item is the heaviest on balancing scales? 

Science:  We have been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees today in Science. We went on a tree hunt in the school field. Can you describe the difference between a deciduous and an evergreen tree? Draw a picture of both and label the parts of a tree?  


Tuesday 17th March


Maths: can you explore capacity? Look at different jugs and containers. How much liquid can they hold? How many small containers does it take to fill a large one? Can you use the words half full / empty / almost empty?


Computing: Use 2CreateaStory to write the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 


Monday 16th March

Maths: Go outside and find as many 3D shapes in real life as you can. 




Extra Challenge:  Keep a diary/create a journal of each day. This may be some writing about what you have done each day, a drawing, a painting, a photograph, learning undertaken, anything that documents this time spent at home

Suggested websites/ programmes to try together with your child