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Home Learning : Summer Term

Well done to all the children who are learning at home. We are really proud of you and your parents. You are all doing an amazing job. 




National Children's Art Week Announcement from Miss Simpson (Art Coordinator)

Starting from Monday 29th June, it is National Children's Art Week! It celebrates and encourages children to explore artwork and try things they haven't tried before! The last few months has highlighted how essential creativity and the visual arts are for learning, connecting and well-being. So now is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate it. It runs for 3 weeks, exploring a different theme each week.
The themes are:
  • Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World
  • Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations
  • Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing
There are some lovely ideas on the official website for themed projects:
Please send photos of any artwork you create over the next few weeks and we'll add them to the school website. 


We had great fun at our Virtual Sports Day today.

Well done to all teams!!

This week's story is read by Mrs Miller - Giraffes Can't Dance 

Please share the work your child has completed by email:

Mrs Miller:

Mrs Rhodes: 

Weekly News: 

Thank you to everybody who was able to join us for the Zoom call this week. It was fantastic to see you all and see you share your ideas with each other.  It has been a long time and we miss you all very much. We talk about you in class to the children that are learning in school and they all can't wait to see you soon. If you didn't make it this week, don't worry as there will be another one before the end of the term.  

We are becoming really good at partitioning numbers into tens and ones and exploring patterns on the hundred square. 

Some of you have been learning about the capital cities of the United Kingdom. We are learning about Northern Ireland this week in school so look below for some suggestions. 

It is our virtual sports day on Thursday. Please encourage your child to participate and wear the colour of their house all day!


6th July - 10th July 2020


Maths: Daily Tasks


Geography: Northern Ireland


English: week 6 06.07.20 English Overview.docx

             Adding-ful-and-less-Activity (1).pdf

             Y1-Bob the bubble T4W (1).pdf

Phonics: As it is near the end of term this week we are doing a check of which sounds we know and what words we can read independently. Here is a link to a sample of a practice screening check. How many words can you read without any help? Look out for the alien words! Let us know how you did.



Science: SCIENCE serens-seasons-differentiated-reading-comprehension.pdf 

Talk about the difference between the seasons as you read the text. Answer the questions to the text. Can you create a seasons poster? Which season is your favourite? Why? 


PSHE:This week in PHSE we are looking at the final letter in SCARF, our focus is friendship. In school we are thinking about the qualities of friendship.

Maybe you could draw your friend and write a recipe for friendship e.g. share, take turns, be kind, play together.

Then, think about another recipe – a recipe for making up. e.g. say sorry, shake hands or hug - though not at the moment (what could be an alternative?), do something special to show you really want to be their friend again. Can you send us your recipes?











Home Learning: 29th June - 3rd July


PE: Each week, the children in school follow the games sessions. Mars Class are really enjoying them. If you haven't had a look, it is well worth a look. We are into Week 9 now but it doesn't matter if you haven't completed any up to now.



Breaking News.... there will be a virtual sports day soon!  Keep your eyes peeled for more information. 


PSHE: Please keep sending photos of your child learning a new skill. We have a large board ready to display the photos and celebrate the achievement and resilience of learning new things in lockdown. The board will still be there for the children to see in September.


Resilience - Our theme in school this week is resilience. One way of thinking about being resilient is having the ability to ‘bounce back’ from difficulties. Resilience isn’t something we are born with but something we can learn. For adults and children, the Covid-19 changes will have affected our resilience and how we feel each day.

In recent years, school has had a focus on “Growth Mindset” and thinking of what we can do when we find things hard. Try some of the suggestions below.

  • Sometimes, someone might say “I can’t…” but today practice saying “I can try..." or “I’m going to try…”
  • Encourage yourself and others with positive phrases;


      • You can do it


      • Keep trying


      • You’re almost there


      • Believe in yourself


      • Don’t worry if you can’t do it straight away


      • We can learn from our mistakes 


      • Well done


      • I believe in you 



    English: This is the second week of this Talk for Writing unit. If you are joining in this week for the first time, you can work through the booklet at your own pace. You do not need to go back and do last week's work. 


    Maths: We will look at place value to 100 on Monday to Thursday. 

    On Fridays, we will continue with the usual timed maths challenge but you will all be Flying Saucers for the day! Please let us know your child's score so that we can add it to the scoreboard. You can also choose a task from the overview about telling the time/sequencing events. 

    Here are the daily tasks: Daily Tasks

    We have not produced an overview this week as it is often just repeating what is in the daily tasks document. Please count every day with your child and keep going over and over the number bonds to 10 / 20. 

    • Can your child recall number bonds to 20?
    • If so, ask them to tell you a subtraction fact that links to the addition. So if 12 + 8 = 20, what is 20 - 8?

     Has your child watched Series 4 of Numberblocks? They may enjoy exploring numbers over 20, division, balancing and the meaning of equals and even looks at the number 1001! 


    Geography: This week, we will explore another country and capital city in the United Kingdom. Here is a link to a Powerpoint I have created about Wales and Cardiff. If your child writes me a letter, I will respond. Could your child do some dragon art to link to Children's Art Week?

    Capital Cities in the UK: Cardiff


    Science: What is sound?    OR   watch from 6:13. You do not have to watch the first part unless you want to of course! 


    Free Write: give your child the chance to create their own mini story book about anything they like. Can they write it independently and then send it to us via email?


    High Frequency words list. Please click here for the full list. How many can your child read independently?


    Reading: please keep using the school library and swapping the scheme books. We really want to keep your child moving along the colour scheme. Please just ask if you need any help or guidance with what to choose.







    Please read every day with your child.

    Our Outdoor Library is open each day (weather permitting) and has been revamped with some new books. 


    Click on 'Oxford Owl for home'

    User Name: mars100 

    The password is in your child's reading diary. 


    Please click here for the new schedule from Ruth Miskin explaining the new film content and set up. 

    All films will be released at 9.30am from Monday to Friday.   Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on
    YouTube for 24 hours.  
    Daily Lessons here: r

    Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new longer words for reading and spelling and will include alternative sounds. Please also follow the red word lessons as these are very important words to be able to read.  From 15th June the lessons will include Hold a sentence activities. 

    Most of us are working on Set 3 sounds so try and watch the Set 3 films if you can and the longer words. if your child struggles go back to the first Set3 lessons -spelling and reading. You can also recap Set 2 lessons. Our daily phonic activity will be linked to the Set 3 sound of the day. 

    Any questions please feel free to email. 

    Phonics Play are also offering free access to phonic games  -   Username: march20   Password: home