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Home Learning Activities


PE WITH JOE: starting Monday morning at 9am on YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV

Oxford Owl: There are lots of books that you can read online on the Oxford Owl website: use our class login (sent home in your writing book) to access the books!

Purple Mash: Some activities will be set on Purple Mash. Remember to look for the alert bell! There are lots of different activities and games that you can explore.

Times Tables Sheets: 2, 5, 10      3, 4, 8       All times tables


David Walliams: is releasing a 20 minute audio reading from his book 'The World's Worst  Children'

Spellings: here are the final 2 spelling rules for this half term 

here is a list of the spellings from this term and year 3 words

Diary: you could keep a diary whilst you are home learning, or a blog on Purple Mash using 2Blog!


With the work below, do what you can, if you are finding anything tricky just do your best have a go, leave a question if you're unsure.  

If you need to ask any questions you can email: 


Monday 30th March

English: At the end of this week you will be writing a story of your own based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today I would like you to create 3 'child' characters, similar to the ones in the original story. I will add descriptions of each character here to give you some ideas: character descriptions

Write a brief description of your 3 new child characters, each with their own 'bad' personality for your story. You could also start thinking about what is going to happen in your story. Here is the basic plot of the story so you can start planning your own ideas.

Maths: Horizontal and Vertical Lines: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning   ANSWERS

Topic: Write a newspaper article about one of the events from the Northamptonshire History timeline. You can use the same event as last week if you like, or choose another one. I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash using 2Publish if you would like to type it up.

Tuesday 31st March

English: Start planning your story: read the summary of the basic plot from Monday. Then use the box up plan to plan your own. If you would rather, you could make a story map instead.  I have included an example of a boxed up story idea to get you started!

Story Map Template

Box Up Plan

Box Up Plan with example

Maths: Horizontal and Vertical Lines of Symmetry: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning     ANSWERS

French: I have set a 2Do for you on Purple Mash. Look at the vocabulary for Months of the Year, then play one of the games to practice the vocabulary.


Wednesday 1st April

English: Use today to finish off your plans for your story, you could start writing parts of your story if you wish. Make sure you have a clear plot for what is going to happen.

Maths: Parallel and Perpendicular lines: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning      ANSWERS

Science: Write a science quiz about one of the topics that we have covered this year: light and dark, magnets or plants. You could do it on the computer, on paper or on Purple Mash. I have set a 2Do if you would like to do it on there. 


Thursday 2nd April

English: write your story! I will attach some success criteria, but your main focuses should be: describing the characters and describing the setting. You can write this over 2 days, so it is also your task for tomorrow.

Maths: Describing 2D shapes: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning   ANSWERS

PE: Create an active game or create your own mini-workout to do at home.


Friday 3rd April

English: Continue writing your story. Here is the success criteria you can use to check your story.

Maths: Describing 3D shapes: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning   ANSWERS

Topic: it's very nearly Easter. Make something to do with Easter! You could do cooking, some art, make an Easter card,  whatever you like, be creative and have fun with it!



Monday 23rd March

English: We are going to be looking at writing a story over the next 2 weeks. We will be using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory text extracts. If you have the book at home you could read it, watch the film, or you can find videos with chapter readings on YouTube (ask an adult to find it for you). 

Read the setting description: setting description

Draw a map of the setting from the description, label with as much information as you can. 

If you want to listen to the description being read, you can click here to take you to a video. Skip to 8:03 to start chapter 15.

Maths: Fractions of numbers Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving ANSWERS

History: Find out about an event in Northamptonshire history. You can use this website as a starting point: Present your information how you like. For example: poster, powerpoint, fact file,  or newspaper article.


Tuesday 24th March

English: Create your own factory room! Design a setting for a factory of something you really like - making toys, sport equipment, music ... whatever you like. Draw your plan, and label it with as much detail as you can. You will be writing a description of it tomorrow, so think about as many details as you can!

Maths: Re-cap of fractions work: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving  ANSWERS

Music: create some music! You could use your voice, body percussion, make an instrument out of something at home,  or I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash to compose on 2Sequence. If you play an instrument you could compose something on that!


Wednesday 25th March

English: Write a description of your setting. Try to use a range of interesting descriptive words: adjectives, alliteration, similes (e.g. as enormous as an elephant).

Maths: We are going to start a new unit today! Shape! I have added some notes on the resources to help you with new ideas we will be learning about, read these first then have a go at the questions.

Turns and Angles: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving  ANSWERS 

Science: Choose a science experiment from this website, or find one of your own. Ask your grown-ups to help you set it up!

Thursday 26th March

English: Describe one of the characters in the picture. Use the best vocabulary that you can, describe what you see, and think about what their personality might be like! (If you have read the story, use what you have read to help you! 

Maths: Right angles in shapes: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving ANSWERS

PE: PE WITH JOE: 9am on YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV

Friday 27th March

English: Reading comprehension: read the text then answer the questions underneath.

Maths: Comparing angles: Arithmetic, Fluency, Problem Solving  ANSWERS

Art: Draw, paint, collage a character from a Roald Dahl book. Choose your own style of drawing, using the illustrations as inspiration. Here are some pictures to help you.