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Home learning activities



Ruth Miskin who developed the phonics programme Read Write Inc. that we follow in school is offering daily phonic Speed Sound sessions on their Facebook and you tube channel. or

 Films are being streamed live for Set 1 sounds at 9:30am  (they should be available for 24 hours following) and Set 2 at 10am if you want.


Phonics Play are also offering free access to phonic games  -   Username: march20   Password: home


David Walliams is releasing a 20 minute story every day


 Free tutorials & activities on

Northamptonshire Sport Challenges can you do one each day?

PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV


Can you remember the order that the animals or the 2 thieves went around the farm in "What the Ladybird Heard".  Can you draw a map or tell someone in your family the story?  You could use 2Create a story on Purple Mash if you wanted to.

Ask an adult to hide the numbers 0-20 around your room, garden, kitchen.  Can you find them all and put them in order?



Today we had 5 minutes to see how many times we could cycle around the playground on our bikes or scooters.  What can you do in 5 minutes and how many times?  Can you beat a member of your family at it?

CVC word game to play.  You will need a dice.

Comparing Numbers- can you write how many vehicles are on each side of the road and then how many altogether?



We have been thinking about rhyming words.  Can you think of rhyming words for dog, hen, bug, pin

In Maths today we have been finding 1 more than using Numicon. 

Can your grown up tell you a number and can you write this number down correctly and then write the number that is 1 more than it?



Can you practice reading the green words that you were sent home?  Here are all of them that you will need to help you be a better reader.  Green words

We have been taking away or subtracting in Maths.  Subtraction from 10  Subtraction from 20

We also made Easter baskets and decorated them.  Can you find a small box and make it into an Easter basket for someone in your house?



Can you design your own Easter Egg on Purple Mash.  Miss Lack has set this as a To Do for you.  I will be able to see them when you have finished them.

Practice your number bonds to 10.  You can find them here if you want or you could be more imaginative and use toys around the house.

Find 5 toys/objects/things/foods in your house and try to write it's name.  Try to sound out all of the letters and make sure you get them the right way around.



Read the story or listen to it online of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Can you then retell the story to someone in your family?  You could use pictures to help you remember.

Build a bridge challenge!  The goats had to cross over a bridge and the bridge needed to be strong so that the troll didn't get them.  Can you build a strong bridge?  The rules are here Take a picture and send it to me!



Can you practice your set 1 sounds?  Saying them as well as writing them.

Can you do some of the set 2 sounds too?



Have a go at some of the activities on Maths City 1 (set as a To Do on Purple Mash)



Maths- I have set an activity on Purple Mash for you to do, it's all about number bonds to 10 ( Bond Bubbles- level 1).

Read your favourite book either to someone else or ask them to read it to you.  Can you tell me what the book is and why you like it?  Draw me a picture from your favourite part and send it to me. Here is mine!  



Do you recognise the shapes on Basic shapes (PM)?  Can you then find 3 objects in your house that are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles?  Send me what you have found via email!

This week we would have been looking at Stickman.  

‘“A stick!” barks the dog.
“An excellent stick!
The right kind of stick
For my favourite trick!”’

Can you think of 3 different things that Stickman could be used for?  Draw the 3 pictures and write what it is.  Send them to me and I'll add them to our gallery.



Can you complete A-Fish-Metric on purple mash?  Start on basic and then move to + & - if you're feeling brave!

Can you think of 3 different things that Stickman could be used for?  Draw the 3 pictures and write what it is.  Send them to me and I'll add them to our gallery.



Hi all,  I hope that you haven't played too many tricks today with it being April Fools Day!

I have got 2 different activities for Maths for you to choose from today.

Counting- can you count the crocodiles, koalas, kangaroos & pandas?

Ordering, adding & number bonds- you will need a pack of playing cards for this one

Phonics- Can you write the silly sentence (listen carefully to the sounds as your adult says each word) & draw a picture to go with it? 

I can see a ship on the moon



Can you listen to the story of The Lion & the Mouse

Re-tell the story to someone in your house.  Which character did you like best & why?


Go outside and practice writing your numbers, how far can you get?  To 20?  30?  50?  Use chalk or water on a paintbrush or a big roll of old wallpaper!



Today should have been the last day of term before the Easter holidays and so this is the last of the activities to be set for two weeks.

Have a lovely few weeks.  I hope that the Easter bunny visits you and I will see you back here in a couple of weeks. Keep safe and I'll cross my fingers for some sunny weather. 

No work today...

     go out in the garden, go for a walk, ride your bike in the garden, make a mud pie, bake a cake, read a book- enjoy your day!



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