Crick Primary School

Little Rotters Gardening Club

Autumn 2020

This term we have started to empty the leaf mould bin and add it to the raised beds to help replenish the soil.   It is a lovely rich leaf mould which will put some more goodness into our soil.   We needed to sieve the leaf mould before adding it to the soil as we found out that whilst the leaves had decomposed the beech nut cases and small twigs had not.  We had to empty the leaf mould bin carefully as it was full of wildlife including a small newt, woodlice and centipedes too.  We also regularly empty the playground compost bin into our bigger compost bins to re use  the fruit and vegetable waste.  We sometimes have to remove some items that should not be in there!

 We have harvested our onions and planted some red and white onions which will grow next year.  We have also planted some more strawberry plants for a better crop next year.    Our focus soon will be raking up the leaves and filling the leaf mould bin again.  Over the years the children have always loved this activity and we have plenty of leaves to collect!