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Crick Primary School

Learning together in a caring community

Mrs Brennan is the class teacher.

Ms Herrington and Mrs Fisher are the teaching assistants.


Things to Note:

  • Spellings will be issued on a Friday.
  • Homework from the 'menu' is due as and when children have completed a piece. 
  • Timetables will be continuous using their cards. (when your child has learnt a set they can ask to be tested)
  • A spelling test will take place every Friday.
  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. 
  • PE will take place on Monday afternoon and Friday morning (Please ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit)


Please click here for some reading question prompts to help question your child as they read to you and you read to them. 


Jupiter 2017/2018

Welcome to Year 2!

This term's topic is... Splish, Splash, Splosh

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End Wow Beach Day!

On our Pirate Day we had a go at making our own pirate ships. Our challenge was to make them float and move in the water. We added sails and a propeller. What do you think? 

We learnt the beginning of "The pirates next door" to use with in our English work this week. Watch the performance below; 

Summer 1's topic was ...Turrets and Tiaras

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Warwick Castle Trip

We had a fabulous day at Warwick castle on Wednesday! We started our day going in the Horrible History Maze collecting stamps and trying hard not to get lost. Then we watched the magnificent Trebuchet fire before eating our lunch. In the afternoon we climbed over 500 steps to walk along the ramparts and up a turret, looking through the battlements and arrow slits to see the whole castle. We then explored the state rooms, which were extremely grand and regal. We finished our day in the princess tower helping the princess crack a riddle. Luckily the rain held off until we were heading back to the coach; although this was torrential so we were a little soggy! Here are just some of the pictures from the day;

Spring 2's topic was... Oliver Jeffers

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Spring 1's topic was...London's calling

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Marvelous Middle:

For our Marvelous Middle we went back in time to 1666. We had a go at making bread by hand and creating our own Great Fire of London art. Mrs Brennan then set fire to some houses to show us how the fire spread so quickly in 1666. In the afternoon, we joined up with Year 1 to rebuild London using Junk modelling. Here are some pictures of our day...

Stunning start:

We started off our topic with Fire Safety. We were very lucky to have a visit from Ashley, a Northamptonshire firefighter. He told us what he does and how we can stay safe. We even had a look at his vehicle and Mrs Brennan put on his uniform. We wanted to see how quickly Ashley could get dressed... It took him an amazing 37 seconds! After his talk we worked together to complete a firefighter obstacle course. Here are some pictures...

Autumn 2's topic was... African Adventure

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Stunning start:

To kick start our topic we went on Safari. We had binoculars and were looking out for different animals in Africa. Our tour guide told us lots of facts on our journey. When our journey finished we created some big animal artwork using different art techniques including; finger painting, collage and pastels. Here are some pictures for you...

Autumn 1's topic was ... Where my wellies take me...

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Wellie Wednesday (27.9.17):

This week in our wellies we have been wellie wanging....

Wellie Wednesday (20.9.17): 

This week in our wellies we had a go at making faces using natural objects. Also this week we had a go at creating a piece of art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. 

Wellie Wednesday - trip to the Woods

Our wellies had a fantastic time taking us to the woods to kick start our Wellie Wednesday's. Just like Pippa, in the story by Michael Morpurgo, we were looking out at all the wonderful nature around us. As it was Roald Dahl day we enjoyed a snack and listened to some of Fantastic Mr Fox on arrival. Then we played hide and seek with Mr Fox, testing out our directional language. We even tried it blindfolded which was quite tricky. After that we headed up to Millennium woods where we were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's artwork. We collected objects in a range of colours ready to start our art work back at school. Here are some picture for you to enjoy...

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