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Crick Primary School

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Welcome to Mercury Class

Mrs Morris is our class teacher

Ms Hinchcliffe is our teaching assistant

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Things to Note:

  • Children can bring a healthy snack in from home to eat during morning playtime (fruit is preferable). 
  • PE is on Tuesday, with dance on Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has indoor and outdoor PE kit as we will be going outside whatever the weather. 
  • Spellings will be given out and tested on Mondays. 
  • Homework will be given out every Friday, this is then due in the following Thursday.

This term our topic is...

Sail Away

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Visit to the canal

We were invited by the Canal & River Trust to design the banner to advertise this year's Crick Boat Show. David and Steve from the trust gave a safety talk before we left for the canal, highlighting the dangers of the canal and how to keep ourselves safe. We walked to the canal and strolled along the towpath looking at different elements of the canal to give us some ideas. We were then welcomed by The Moorings to use the restaurant as a base from which to sketch our designs. We thank the staff for hosting us (also for the coffee for our adults!).

Everyone was extremely well behaved and showed great maturity when walking along the towpath. The artwork produced was superb and has been sent off to the PR company who will produce the banner, which will be sited at school. So watch this space for more details...

The Legend of Beowulf!

We used drama to support our writing of our own versions of the Legend of Beowulf.


Properties and Materials

In science, we have been learning about materials and their properties. We carried out an investigation to test various materials to find out if they were magnetic, permeable or transparent and check their hardness and flexibility.

Fantastic resources to support learning and homework activities

  • Nrich - We use this site to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills in mathematics. Have a look around and try some of the activities. Typical activities we may use range from Stage 1** to Stage 2**.
  • Mathsframe - The children will find lots of maths games and activities here to support their learning in class.
  • Brick Blaster 5 - This website supports children's mental addition skills (3-digit + 3-digit)
  • Brick Blaster 6 - This website supports children's mental subtraction skills
  • Scratch - popular coding website we sometimes use in class. Great fun, using blocks to code.
  • Purple Mash - resources to support the whole curriculum. Homework may also be set using the 'To Do' tab.