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Crick Primary School

Learning together in a caring community


We will support your child to change their book when they place it in the book tray in the classroom.

Please read the book your child takes home with them two or three times and make a note of this in the reading record.

You can enjoy the book together and also ask your child questions about what they have read.

It is great to ask your child to make connections to other stories they have read or films they have seen and to hear you doing the same.

You can ask them to describe the characters in the story,  predict what will happen next, think of a different ending or improve words like 'said' and 'walked'.


Phonetic sets of words have been sent home for you to learn. There is enough for you to learn a new spelling pattern each week. Please click on the links below.

On the same document is a set of tricky words for your child to learn to read, then spell as well. 

Click here to view this terms home learning tasks for World War II.