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Crick Primary School's Governing Body (GB)


Welcome to the Governors’ information page.

The Governing Body (GB) was reconstituted under the School Governance (Constitution, England) in July 2017, and consists of twelve members. Staff and Parent governors are elected by their peers, Co-opted governors are appointed by the GB, and the Local Authority governor is appointed by Northamptonshire County Council. All governors have full voting rights on the board and on the sub committees they belong to, unless a conflict of interest has been declared.

 Current Governing Body

 Name  Governor type Current term of office  Sub Committees  Business Interests

Other Governing    Bodies

Relationships with pupils / staff
Mrs Diane Boon



27/09/2016- 26/09/2020 Finance & Personnel 


None  No Bio
 Mr Darren Currie  Parent 12/07/2016-11/07/2020 School Performance  None  None  Yes - parent Bio
 Mr Steve Wright Parent  21/03/2016-20/03/2020 School Performance  None None   Yes - parent Bio 
Mr Patrick Mortimer



27/09/2016- 26/09/2020 Finance & Personnel   None  None  No Bio
 Miss Donna Worsley  Staff

12/01/18- 11/01/2022

School Performance  None  None  No Bio 
 Mrs Ruth Sulley


Vice Chair

14/11/2016 - 13/11/2020 School Performance None None No Bio
 Miss Vikki Lack





School Performance

Finance & Personnel

 None  None


 Mrs Lynn Chamberlain  Clerk to Governors   Finance & Personnel  None  None  No
 Mr John Jones  Co-opted  05/12/2017 Finance & Personnel None  None   No Bio
Mrs Jacqui Canton  Co-opted  05/12/2017 School Performance None None No Bio


There are six full GB meetings a year. There are two sub committees which meet at least once per term and each governor sits on one or two. These sub committees work on behalf of the full GB and feedback information and recommendations for ratification.


Finance & Personnel – this committee oversees all aspects of recruitment, staffing levels and performance.  It sets the policy for the school’s finance and closely monitors the school’s budget and spending. It also has responsibility for health and safety.

School Performance - this ensures that the statutory elements of the National Curriculum are being covered to the breadth and depth expected, through detailed monitoring of pupil progress and attainment. Governors make statistical comparisons to ensure that aspirational targets are set for our pupils and ensure strategies are in place to achieve them. Pupil Premium funding is carefully monitored to ensure spending has a direct, positive impact on the individual, entitled pupil. 

All governors are expected to be familiar with the school and its daily life, and to take on further specific roles on behalf of the GB. Governors regularly attend training sessions and briefings from Northamptonshire County Council and other bodies. We enjoy close links with other local schools’ governing bodies and share expertise and best practice. The GB sets the school’s ethos and values, and acts as a strategic critical friend to the school to ensure that decisions taken are in the best interest of the school’s children. We are not involved in the day to day running of the school.

General advice on becoming a governor can be found on these sites;


The Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs L. Chamberlain, in the school office;

01788 822633



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